The Lantern House Retrofit Process

About The Lantern House's LED Retrofitting Services

The Lantern House is a Commercial/Residential/LED Retrofitting company in North Texas. We can provide Energy Procurement and LED Lighting Retrofits and have been Saving our Customers Money Since 1971. Combined, our staff has over 200 years of lighting industry experience and expertise. Year after year we reduce our clients’ operational costs retaining many of them as long terms customers. The many sectors we cover include Government, Municipality, Commercial, Industrial, Hospitals & Medical Centers, Property Management, Retail, Schools, Multi-level Parking Garages and Parking Lots. We are also members of LSA, AFA, and IES where we have access to special pricing for additional savings to qualifying customers.

The Lantern House adds value where most competitors don’t. Offering a comprehensive utility incentive package with required documentation. We will, if requested, provide EPAct Certification for our client projects. The Lanter House is protected by a complete package of liability insurances and maintains the highest quality standards and safety practices.

Energy Audit

The Lantern House will conduct a detailed energy audit to determine your current energy usage. This service is provided FREE at no cost-no obligation to you. It will determine the energy savings of your facility by switching to LED as well as allow you to accurately budget for your retrofit/upgrade.

Evaluation & Proposal

Together, we’ll review a detailed easy to understand proposal for your LED lighting retrofit/upgrade which will include optional lighting designs, a projection of your annual savings and a description of the product lines The Lantern House feels is best suited for your facility. At The Lantern House we invite our customers to be involved in every step of the process.


Our professional and skilled technical team will install your new LED lighting with minimal to no disruption to your daily businesses operations. Quality of work and proficiency is our priority during the installation process. If anyone is going to be inconvenienced it’s us, not our customer.

Clean Up

Once the install is complete you can expect your work space to look spotless. The waste of your old lighting system can be harmful to the environment, that’s why we’ll dispose of these materials in an environmentally safe manner.

Our process is designed to keep our partners involved. We want you to experience the highest customer service and professionalism that you expect from a partner. With The Lantern House at your side rest assured we’ll be with you every step of the way.

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Advantages to LED Lighting Upgrades & Retrofits

Enjoy efficient lighting that creates a relaxed environment all while reducing energy costs by as much as 80%. LED offers a better quality of light and lasts up to 20 years. Qualifying customers can even receive incentive money from their Utility company and in some cases Tax deductions.

Lower Energy Costs

By converting to LED you're quaranteed to reduce your electricity by as much as 85%. Additionally, LEDs have a longer life span which means you will spend less time maintaining them and avoid paying disposal fees.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Today's discerning customers want to do business with companies that care about the environment. When your company uses LEDs instead of incandescent or fluorescent lighitng, you help to reduce your carbon footprint and make your company more environmentally friendly.

Highest Quality Lighting

The fact is that LEDs are second only to natural lighting. Multiple studies have shown that when LEDs replace fluorescent lighting in a work environment, there is less incidence of headaches and eye strain, employees' moods are lifted, and productivity goes up. Better lighting can also contribute to safer work environment.

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We Service

The Lantern House has 48 plus years of experience helping businesses save money. We install the highest quality LED lights at the most affordable prices with a minimum 5 year warranty.We assess your current light system to determine your lighting energy usage and compare that to replace your system with LED lighting.We work with your utility company to get you all the qualifying incentives. Because an LED conversion is an energy savings project we'll check if you qualify for any State or Federal tax deductions.

Our goal is to have you pay as little as possible for your conversion.